Welcome to GWCLA Training Academy 

Welcome to your training!

Congratulations, we are so glad you have joined our team.  This training is meant to provide specific information to help u get off to a great productive start.

Our Mission

Genetic Wellcare Life Association LLC, is an organization of professional health care advocates dedicated to educating physicians and the community about the benefits of Hereditary Genetics Cancer Screening Test and Pharmacogenetics Test. We at the GWCLA believe that Genetic Testing can help save lives!

We can achieve this by educating the physician and the public which is our Mission. We are committed to providing our GWCLA Advocates, the resources and tools necessary to share this amazing opportunity with others. We believe in putting peoples first.


Weekly Training

Training Conference Call, Saturday at 11 EST and Tuesday at 9pm EST. You are encourage to invite others onto the Tuesday Night Opportunity Call.

Saturday Call is for GWCLA Advocates Only. 

Our Leadership

Mrs.Angela Kelly,


Mr. Michael Kelly,

Director of Operations/Founding Member

Zenobia Waters,

General Manager

Maryjoy Cinense,

Certified Marketing Media Officer and Chief Technology Director.

Informational Tools

Genetic Testing at a Glance/YouTube Video

Informational Video - BRCA Genetic Mutation/YouTube Video

Eight Types of Hereditary Cancers

Cancer is Hereditary Info Sheet


Helpful Client Quiz - Informational only for advocates...not to be use

GWCLA Compliance: Do's and Don'ts

HIPAA Training - Requirement for GWCLA Advocates

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